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Completed Final Fantasy XIII 

Well Orphan was a huge pain with several failed attempts after getting it down to a barely visible health bar.

Definitely glad I came back to the game after 10 years to finally finish it. I enjoyed the game; sure it isn’t as good as some other FF games but it gets more hate than is deserved.

Not sure how much post-game I will play. Would rather move on to XIII-2 if all that’s left is achievement hunting.

RIP Fang and Vanille.

Finally getting some time to play with the Steam Deck. Nice to have PlayStation and Xbox remote play functionality.

I decided to restart Pillars of Eternity which I never finished. Plays great on this form factor and enjoying it quite a bit, still in early game. I rebought it through Steam for the cloud save functionality which I now finally understand the convenience of for swapping between SD and PC.

I’ve always been a big fan of isometric RPGs probably partially from the nostalgia factor.

It shipped! Now to decide between EmuDeck or RetroDeck.

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My turn in the Steam Deck queue. Can’t seem to find definitive answers on how long after ordering they ship but looking forward to a new gadget and will probably play some games eventually! Need to wrap up Final Fantasy XIII… and XIII-2… and Lightning Returns. Hopefully this will help me dig into my Steam backlog some.

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Loading my Final Fantasy XIII save from 2013 where I left off on Chapter 11. I suspect I’m going to feel lost for a bit.

I decided to build a Misskey instance for fun to go with the Pleroma and Akkoma instances I’m playing with. Then I realized there are at least 3 different versions of Misskey being maintained. I can see why @helene gets frustrated.

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Square Enix is releasing the reprints of Final Fantasy XIV - Encyclopedia Eorzea volumes 1 and 2 next week. I missed them the first time around, should be fun to read through.

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RT @0xMatt
Vendor: "Please have your DNS provider contact us."
Me: "I'm my DNS provider."
V: "No, the people who run the nameservers."
Me: "I run my nameserver."
V: "No not the data entry part, the people who actually provide the DNS service."
Me: "I do it. On a server."
V: "No, ...."

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no image description im in a rush 

This is me looool

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